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I don't want to spend my life threatening people

Why do people want to hurt people.  I suppose that’s the question.  People that go out of there way harassing people obviously are trying to illicit a response from a person.   People can be foolish, childish, at times even threatening to get what they want.  Do you think a man wants to make money like that?  I know I don’t.  But why would you be harassed by your bank unless someone is either I like these emails:

A)  Trying to kill your government records and get you to leave the country because your being surrounded by ignorant people causing you pain and suffering not allowing you to live your life in peace .  Which your sworn to protect. It’s hard to remain quiet at times.

B)  Sending someone to threaten my life in person in Superstore now?

C)  Sending the real chinese military to pretend we got something going on.

D)  Have a better intelligence group than my own the FBSWEA its common knowledge I thought you knew.  Didn’t you read the blasted book?

E)  As long as you obey orders right or wrong is meaningless pay attention!

F)  Is that a faggot or never mind she will probably hug me and try and shoot someone.
G) What do you think this is a Credit Union in the USA.