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Royal Canadian Mounted Police‬, ‪Surrey‬, ‪British Columbia‬, ‪Canada‬‬

Surrey-RcmpI guess this is the long tail search and the short of it my friend suddenly people all over Canada are searching for the police and lets be honest do they really have a website?

Surrey RCMP News

Long term drug trafficking investigation leads to arrests and significant charges – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police‬, ‪Surrey‬, ‪British Columbia‬, ‪Canada‬‬ is the long tail for this search but what suddenly are we all searching for.  At least I am providing a link to the newsroom.

Well I did my part now we all know how to find the Surrey RCMP news site.  Hopefull we are not all googling ourselves?  Maybe I should be looking at my web traffic more closely.  I am sure we all don’t really believe this is one of the all time busy websites but for sure its geo specific.  You should consider buying my book guys!

Well I’m sure if you visited this page you got to the right place eventually I don’t feel bad.  Well Nowhere Near Perfect is available at www.CreateSpace.com if you don’t want to pay the full retail at Amazon.  Mind you now telling you this I am assured your a human being and will go there since its only 10.99 USD there.  Well lets face it everything is american these days you just have to pay a bit more for things.  Well I hope you found what you were looking for.  Maybe the Surrey RCMP do have a lot of time on there hands and wish to purchase my book?  Well I would think the FBI would have more copies on hand but that’s just me guessing.  Well after spending over $1300 editing it you would think maybe someone would buy it now.  Well you will never know if its a good book or bad if nobody buys it I guess.  Well time to do some advertising I guess.   Nothing beats a blog post to get popular though.  Surely the BC RCMP would purchase a book at $10.99 you think that wouldn’t break the budget but if you want to pay the full Million retail that would be nice too.  To date no buyers I will keep you posted guys.  Good luck policing.

flirtA genius would make this fun you know. Good luck finding her but I think she has something for me. Hopefully its a large number.  Good lord I am as much fun as that SWIRL guy they captured.  Different playground and man was that a lie.