RCMP Officers Charged with Money Laundering

RCMP FRAUDMultiple RCMP officers were charged with money laundering in the Fort Nelson, BC area.  The charges led to a raid on a Fort Nelson area business where multiple firearms and cash were found on hand.  The scheme lead to a trail of fraudulent ICBC claims spanning all the way back to 1997.  As it would seem the scheme was to create multiple phoney claims under a stolen BC man’s identity used to register vehicles and sell to the open market.  The officers charged have since been released and are awaiting gang related charges.  The BC man’s identity stolen so far seems to be a mystery.  As the charges are pending and information so far vague it would appear that the officers are currently being questioned.  Allegedly they were using ICBC resources to create phony insurance claims in the B.C. residents name.  While the officers are currently awaiting trial their names are yet to be released.