Why not to surrender to police

Police CorruptionSurrendering to police is a horrible idea.  I will clearly lay out any and all reasons why this idea is horrible if your population deems you a undesirable.  Government in a worst situation will attack citizens with their lives.  They might even try to use wealth as a attack.  You get into trouble by discovering the real reasons police harassment exist in this world.  Its tough to ignore some behavior.  Behavioral control exists in many agencies.  Its exists for a reason.  You have to deal with corruption in all agencies to some degree.  You don’t want another sodom and gomorrah do you?  With extreme power comes extreme responsibility.  Obviously surrendering to the enemy isn’t a good strategy in wartime unless it’s your only option.  I don’t really think it’s a behavior I would choose.

In many cases once corruption finds a way to make money it seldom chooses another pay of more resistance.  Again I seem to focus on this as the most easy way to find out what’s really monitoring or in worst cases stealing from you.  In many cases you can suffer people and agencies police are by far the easy targets of persecution as well as criminal activity.  Most likely because it’s so easy to get away with when your under the guise of someone that appears to have your best interest at heart.  Police corruption can be the worst form of corruption.  Mexico I think has had some of the worst cases.  Any way I have my opinions but all I know is that we were not put on this earth forever.  And I plan on living life to the fullest regardless of 340 full time school employees badges or not.  Now if I become outnumbered by 340 people attacking me smarter than me let me know.  Till then I’m sure I have nothing to worry about regarding pricing of books.

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