Brads Oil & Gas EveryONE had to know someone

I am not sure who you are.  Does he work for us?   Does he know anyone?   I have allot of questions.  Are they FBSWEA?  Why you would think with 10,000 or more employees they could surely afford to pay a down on his luck billionaire.  Its hard times I heard they had to let some people go at the Forbes magazine again.  Sure not everything I say is a lie.  Obviously I would just write a book about the best ways to optimize your website with the search engines.   But I myself don’t SEO for others however I have heard of many search engine optimization companies that do just that.  I wouldn’t bullshit a bullshiter there is no magic bullet that will send your website sky high in the serps at Bing and Yahoo.   They wouldn’t install a BLACKBOX or anything like that at Google either and get some above top secret agent from some obscure agency (42 to pick from?) to run it.  No interns heaven forbid sent to pretend to work at a search company either with special priviledges that could get your website ranking better.   It’s just all talk.

The truth is in the SERPS. Complicated page ranking systems and the like are just designed to fool you. I need a beer. Alas I can’t afford a beer. Only 7 more Sleeps! Thats right then I will be buying a beer. And NO! Never again will I buy clothing online did you know I spent about 400 bucks last month. Aweful how could someone do that do me. This material is like 10 dollars total its all profit margins. My God these people saw me coming and going. Brad those old friends of yours at (HURRICANE) Electric you should remind them what a hurricane can really do.  Sure enough right after leaving God wiped out of all New Orleans. They blame me. I might as well said I was a black man.  Good Luck.