Why am I fascinated with Military Testing and Pods

I am really not sure.   I was just looking for a pod and have nothing to do with them.  I just keep wondering why that seems to be the only people  employed that I keep running into.  I was desperate for work quite some time back and maybe you have heard them called the Employer of Last Resort.  This is true for me anyway as its a horrible thought risking your Military Podlife for 1200 dollars every two weeks.  You’re basically allowing yourself to be commanded to do anything and lose your freedom.  I almost considered it myself at one point until I realized what I was getting into.  Whats a pod?  Why do I keep hearing about these pods?  Is that anything like a iPod.

My experience with joining the military wasn’t as good as I hoped.  My recruiter was never real and the entire process to become a civil servant was annoying the entire process.  I was pretty much annoyed to death before even entering the room.  I couldn’t find my recruiter (Maybe shes out of country)  the meeting I had hoped for and interview as just a poor attempt to force me through the worst system.  I am a talented young man I expected bonus’s to joint and proper fitting into a elite section not exactly what I expected.   I wasn’t there to become MILITARY I was there to become a Civilian Serving them.  Yet it seems they don’t like this process at all.  The employer of last resort routine.

I am after all a superior thinker.  The test was so upsetting and confusing to me as all the multiple choices impossible to answer I nearly left early.  Learning when to leave your recruitment might be the first step in detecting a entire group of people that hate your guts.  Chances are if a test is impossible its not worth completing.  Also when the corporal answers questions for you and changes your selections chances are you really shouldn’t be there.  If this system is based on trust I think we need some new leaders.

Military life seems to be a start to not caring about right or wrong and just getting everyone use to taking orders.  Following orders seems to be the only real thing you have to do being right or wrong seems pointless.  Perhaps that’s just not the right army for me.  I wouldn’t want to get pigeon holed in the same war against ignorance I been fighting for years.

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