Well up and adam lets make some money online!

Welcome aboard this morning I’mĀ attempting to finish this entire pot of coffee. Just counting my money. Oh the wealthy’s work is never done. I keep accumulating wealth from the company. Thank god I started it. Its been a life saver really. Mowing lawns is rewarding but I found the tech side of the company most enjoyable and financially rewarding. Fixing personal computers and selling them and SEO are the bulk of my bread and butter. Mind you book sales who can ignore them. I’m surprised that I am not on the New York times best seller’s list yet. How can someone sell hundreds of thousands of books and not make that list. More coffee breaks.

Isn’t that something. Well I think its all in who you know. The movie will be much better I hope. Sometimes what kills a book is talking about it or talking about your self. People hate this. They come to kevinkatovic.com to read about other people honest. Ok so here’s whats happening. I will get a coffee and think about the next interesting tid bit I will share.