Another lesson in behavioral control

You can delay as long as you want. You will never win a war of ignorance. Tell me what I need to know.

There are various techniques used to harass people but it really becomes obvious when this recent technique gets used. I hate to sound constantly like I’m complaining or whining but the fact is I’m sick to death of people that get paid to do dumb jobs.  This people seem to behave criminally. Why is it that a enormous amount of money goes missing the least able seem to make money.

How do we control someone’s behavior though.  Lets look at some examples.  Some corporations are incredibly ignorant in the way they choose to make money. Some CEO’s can behave nearly retarded when they realize their career is over and they are nothing more than petty thieves or even felons. When a career felon harrases you, at that point you really got to know its time to lock another one up. I really hate the fact that the more I learn about the wealthy the more I realize how much it stinks that the only ones getting paid are ignorant. I am never worried about anyone retaliating against me for anything but I realize that so many people really do intentionally cause me pain because they make money just to do that. They can never understand or care anything about what they sell they just want to keep there job and do whatever it takes to make sure they get two checks a month. What’s that like? Every time I get a job someone ignorant seems to take it pretty fast. I wish justice was smarter and paid their bills.
Ignorance really is a weapon that keeps getting wielded in rural bc. They want smart people to lose hope and the gap worses for all those employed in this area. Its getting harder and harder to see people 35-45 male employed with full time work. Its nearly non-existent in rural bc. It makes us easy targets. The harder we try the more young men under 25 are constantly supplied to fill a gap to steal from us in my case a wealth that I can’t access but goes continually to those taking it from me in some way. If I can’t get the millions or billions already owed to me what is the point in working to make it easy for the corporations to steal from me yet again. As soon as they hit that 30 year old mark it seems they get sick of the Comox Valley, BC pretty fast. In order to keep your population from moving you have to provide decent full time work. It is this very hurdle that keeps everyone from earning. In fact the harder you try looking for work you deserve the harder some of these people push back. It can nearly seem like a war at times. Which again is why so many stupid young men die in the military.

Manipulation of behavior is really the problem. When a group of people learn that they are the only game in town and just claiming to have money seems to be easily acceptable a enormous spin on things seems to happen. BCLC another big winner. Unfortunately more of them work at a Subway and CIBC than the BCLC. However they really do seem to get away with the most imagination when it comes to finance. Ignorant people will do anything to keep what already is a good thing for them to prevent it from going to someone more deserving. That just happens to be me allot of the time. The account really does say bragg on it so I will do my best. I am the smartest most talented deserving man in the Comox Valley, BC. Honest stop stealing my book. Stop trying to keep me in a conversation to try and make me look like a criminal just because you selfishly sold my property illegally. Or give me my property back which BTW falls under the RCMP’s job. Recovery of stolen items which seldom are recovered which can include CASH! Still nothing no one hears nothing no one sees nothing and Questrade looks like its bending over in tim hortons again waiting for my equipment. I find it impossible to believe that family or friends would be responsible for the theft of multiple felonies. Or they would be responsible for continuing to do something that causes me a great deal of pain. Yet telus is so immature it bases its entire business model on it. It takes enormous pride in causing me pain from india / singapore / philippines. Rather than forward a simple port they would do anything to make another dollar machining a stupid number layering something. I just can’t believe how networks with that much fiber lines would need to worry about minor fluctuations in speed numbers. Unless of course I am running the whole grid. Of course that would be a negligible difference in speed. This is really stupid how any ones job could be to cause someone brilliant pain all because I would like to send a email without people intercepting it and reading it other than who I wanted to send it too. Pretty sad stuff. I believe the only reason this happens is because of jealousy and anger. I can’t show you how to learn something unless your willing to learn it or give me the ability to be the best. I believe it’s the plan really making something physically impossible is the easiest way to say a person can’t do something they can very well can. Tiny people do this.  The only thing I am ashamed of is that someone would be as stupid as to think they could get away with being me.  If a machine freezes up because they lack the ability to work with there own network perhaps they should hire someone that does.  Never going into the building however.  Just send enormous checks.  I’ll take care of the rest.

My only problem is.  No one tells me who needs help.  Who is just causing me problems.  Why they do what they do for money.  And lastly what do you have to do to get people to understand what I need done and stop doing whatever it takes to make a buck at telus.  I don’t want to insult anyone yet I really would like to see who is causing me all the trauma.

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