Now would be a great time to return that $1230 bucks you stole from me

Smoking Gun
The Smoking DNS Gun

What’s it like to make minimum wage?  I don’t know I have never had to make the minimum effort it takes to be only worth minimum wage.  How many The Flying Canoe Pubs do you have to own before you catch the worst theft of all.  Physical money theft.  Disgusting.  Ooo Ahh Ooo Ahh.  I hope I haven’t insulted the same three criminals again today that claim to own everything in the Comox Valley, BC through false entitlement.  Oh I see how it works.  The BDC suddenly loans from the social assistance building where all the above board government fantasy emanates.  My friend in the Military asked me the other day he asked me seriously.  How are you still alive?

Well I suggested to him a bit of luck.  Brains.  Lots of financial backing from the elite of the elite in Europe and well the illuminati.

I’ve always wanted to join the illuminati

The all seeing illuminati eye.  Or someone that likes to look through peep holes in doors and never really grew up.  Its actually her. I know eh.  Hard to believe.

I’m not going to sit around and play games with you all day that’s for sure.  I made my money the old fashioned way.  I sold books.  I book people here I book people there, I basically book allot of people.   It’s what I do.  I’m a bookie.  I book therefore I am.  This is how we book ba book ba book this is how we book.  Any who I know how this sounds right.  How can a person as good looking smart and heteralsexual as myself be this rich.  Surely a man this rich would work at a cable company in Nanaimo and be gay.  Not as many as you would think.  More actually, I started counting them.  Well as long as I can.  My friends back in town.  Wow has he ever changed his religion.  Not enough smoking guns.

Good people don’t die.  Only serial rapists and murderers do.  But murder is always up for debate.  Maybe a comparison will transpire with the angels.  Oh I would love to be a fly on the wall during that one.

I will never look down on anyone.  My god that’s easy to say when the same 12 men keep attacking you because you’re the most profitable idea and everyone is a moron and greedy and selfish.  You know how hard it is to take women’s money from them.  You have any idea?  God you’re brilliant.  Omg I can’t stay mad at you who am I kidding I’m in love! Never again.