I miss the girl from the bus

You would be surprised how many people I really am.

What ever happen to the girl from the bus.  I was so in love with that 12 year old girl.   Oh well.  Times have changed.  Apparently now all these names I have recorded for the past 28 years are not helping me understand the magna-tude of the seriousness of my predicament.  Could celebrities be threatening me!  Oh no.  What will I do.  The best offense is a good defense I suggest.  Unless 12 pop stars come running out of a local bar with machetes I think I’m pretty safe these days.  Who on earth would want to compete in some weird competition for my love.  Seriously like that’s gonna happen.  Don’t think of tricking me Kari I won’t fall for it,  behind the church just like last time wink wink.  If a ad mob of angry women show up wanting my head for high book prices you tell them I’m someone else.

Please Confirm Ballot there will be a 50/50 draw for my love on Thursday.

Don’t worry I’m easy ladies.