Try not to be offended ignorance is a weapon

BlackBox Enthusiast
BlackBox Enthusiast – April (AKA COLOR QUEEN) quit her job at TELUS Mobility to work for the BELL activations centre.  She has never looked back since.

Never have I seen a man dumb the government as well as this man.  They hate it.  God do they hate it.  The government hates looking dumb.  They will pay for it they all will.  My personal hero really.  Earnie Moore and Ian Orney basically have systematically brought down corruption at the government level across canada.   I met Earnie and Ian back in 1986 looking after our children at a waterpark.  God have they changed.  They really have changed.  Never use ignorance as a weapon and threaten world leaders, Un Members well unless your Andrea Merkel.  Seriously guys Sunwest won’t know what hit em.  When your as rich as these Germans sometimes you need Charlize Theron to set things straight.  Ok all kidding aside who wants to buy the book already its getting ridiculous around here today.  Deeper if your still there tell me how to get Jack out of my wallet.  If he’s wearing that suit and at the avalanche again let me know quick I’ll take care of him.  Its gone too far Jack.  I’m keeping my eye on you.  Everyone stop being sad and taking your lives.  Good lord if they only knew how many books I have in my South African warehouse.  And stop telling me I’m insulting myself.  I wish I had my own celebrity to be my whipping girl.