Offensively rich how rich is that exactly

RichI have wondered how much money do you have to have before you offend the Canadian Government. Is there a certain number you reach and then suddenly someone there decides you no longer deserve your own money and it has to become the Government’s. Perhaps they would prefer to kill one of there own citizens just to keep my money once caught stealing and laundering it. What would that number be. Would that number be billions or millions or just enough to constantly ruin anyone’s life that works for the government. I like to use the word government allot. Because it seems to be a place where people can pretty much do whatever they want once they belong to it with no regard for others. To me it seems to be the most selfish ignorant and careless place where you can run free and pick golden apples off trees and sing fairy tale songs and see unicorns. You know just like scotiabank. So is that how it works in B.C. Perhaps as soon as your profitable somewhere a criminal organization or as I like to call it a division of the government that can play in court and can just take your money and ignore you. Isn’t this wonderful when can I stop complaining and get on the gravy train of steady felonies every two weeks like canada posts payroll. Thanks guys you been great. Maybe there is a long line of hopeless woman in line at a chapters claiming to have millions that they want to give to me. Either way it sure would be nice to get something not because someone wants to hurt me with money but wants to help me get what I deserve. In life it seems every time someone seems to get a good deal someone wants to ruin it for you or take it away. Why is the world so spiteful, jealous, hopeless, evil, selfish, and criminal. Its like they are all woman or something.  How could so many people pretend to read something or actually read it , find out how much a person suffered and still steal from them.  Only a woman could be so cruel.  Any responses?