Stop trying to embarrass my agency

Maybe people don’t like the direction my spelling has taken.  Maybe it’s my grammar and structure.  One things for sure a woman is not going to embarrass me because she’s so talented and can find work and such.  Woman eat shit for a living and eat shit too much!  That’s why they get all the jobs and keep them the longest.  Buy the dam book!  If all the women in chapters actually paid for their books maybe I wouldn’t have to keep complaining about this.  More forms.  How with 10 to 20 years less life experience can these woman possibly be better at anything.  Your lucky.  Your lucky.  Shes insane have a nice day.  Take some cold fx.  Nice boots.  I was loading eddie bauer and reitmans before you were old enough to run it into the ground so I never had a job to go to because all your kids bankrupted the company.  Maybe they should concentrate a bit more on the sticker value at some of these fine GM dealerships.  One thing is for certain if your living around these parts being the best at anything only guarantees unemployment.