The Big Bang Theory who hasn't screwed penny

Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory getting laid and getting paid. Well at least Tom is.

Lets be frank about this. Most of New Westminster, BC has been out of work time and again but some things remain true. There is nothing you can do to land a job. I bet Ming has more office jobs than her but why does she advertise so many warehouse ones. How does the highest paid female actress in North America do it? Well obviously it must be that good waitressing job she has at the bakery? Why I thought that was my job too. Darn it anyway there just isn’t enough of Dave’s Killer Bread in Bakeries in India. Penny is heating up the yahoo search today so I thought I would make a post about it. Maybe I can pick up some net traffic on this popular web search. You never know. I’ll try anything to make a dollar. How many people exactly do you have to offend to get paid around here anyway?  I don’t know anyone perhaps its why I am so embarrassing.  I would never insult anyone but a actors image I have heard in the past can make or break there career.  I hope to never offend.  I can’t help talking about myself well why you here then?  It’s a blog about me already get over yourselves.  Tom you look allot different in person.  Seriously guys I love this show to death.  I would never tease anyone I watch it all the time.