God's Punishment "Woman grows a Penis" when found lying horrifically

If a woman tells a horrific lie does she grow a penis?  This could be called a old wives tale forgive the pun but it might have some significant meaning.  It might not all be lies.  If a woman tells a lie it is rumored that if it’s horrible enough she will grow a penis.  This gives another meaning to the whole penis envy eh ladies?  There has been some claims on this such event taking place but is there any truth to it?  Is this God’s punishment.  After all GOD did create human beings he would surely have the power to change our life or even control our will.  I have always believed that there are things bigger than ourselves.

I realize this is allot to grasp but I wonder if women would agree that there is some truth to it.  If anyone thinks there might be some explanation to as real events that might have occured please leave a comment.