You're going to need to grow up

I am not just some starving author because if I take my real wealth I will be killed instantly by groups of ignorant aggressive ugly women.  It’s not like I am literally under attack by ignorance.  Its really not like some women rather than actually pay would do anything and everything just to get out of paying for something for fear of legal action.  Women will do anything to get out of paying for things.  The perfect storm of events would have to take place to find women actually plotting a man’s death.  Stop talking about death.  Death and dying.  Stop talking about death and dying.  Whats a guy got to do to get paid for being awesome around here.  What does a guy have to do da do da do do.  How ignorant would a government consisting of over 90% woman all claiming to be employed have to be to before they are found doing anything to make money.  I hope I grow up soon.

Have we become so desperate and weak as to find real wealth that we will do anything to prevent paying the real owner of the copyright.  Women will do anything to keep out of prison for felonies for there crimes against humanity they will even try to sentence a man for life just to prevent losing their nest eggs.  How could you possibly make a brilliant talented man look incompetent just because you’re sick of him being the best.  90%!  Women are the best!   They do not try to do anything to incriminate innocent men to complicate their lives so they feel dirty for bearing witness to crimes against humanity.  Buy the book?

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