Reasons you should only trust Homeland Security

Homeland Security
Black Ops only it’s got to be perfect

NSA:  I finally found the telephone recordings you requested

CIA:    How long is it if it’s over 1 minute I can’t use it , you know the averages better than me.

NSA:  It’s really popular around here 1 minute exactly and standard 3 second delay at the start to alter the incoming numbers.

CIA:    Perfect,  Now you’re sure there is no trials going on right now?

NSA:  Only one surprising not involving you.

CIA:    Wonderful I think this is going to elicit the emotion response and standard action taking we have come to expect from these people.

FBI:    Any guns?

NSA:  Get off the line!  This is a secure line GOD DAMMIT!

CIA:   What I never left?

NSA:  No it’s some idiot trying to get better at something from shaw cables sas system.  Something about lemons from france and winnipeg.

CIA:  Shoot him?

NSA:  Stop trying to be funny we all know you never shot him again.

CIA:  Is he beside me?

NSA:  I can’t talk now I have to check the line.

CSIS:  Hey where you guys from?

FBI:    NO! we got the money.  It has to be perfect.

CSIS:  Did I look dumb enough do we need the FBI?

NSA:  So you want the standard kidnapping or hostage taking?

CIA:  Grow up no more ice cream trucks or white panel vans.

NSA:   What do you think your black panel van is any better.

CIA:  Stop trying to compete is it our LRAD or not did he do it himself and  if so why not?  Give us some time I think he’s ready to crack.  He’ll do it himself if It’s our guy honest.  Doe’s he work for us?  Oh the secret service.

My Dad:  What the hell is a computer.  Is that a adapter.  Is he breaking the water pipes himself.  What the hell is wrong with my son.  Stop stealing from me already its hard enough to buy mojo’s on this budget.