Another murder in Surrey, BC these are dark days

Perhaps this is the biggest pay off of your life and your just not noticing.

Murder is no laughing matter and when it hits your community it’s both sad and heart breaking.  Tragedy like this can damage the psyche for years and cripple a person’s ability to cope with day to day activities.  Did you know that just talking about death can cripple a person emotionally.  It’s a horrible disgusting event that shames a community and reminds us how fragile life truly is.  People aren’t just making up the news and people are really getting hurt out there.  Its not like these events are just staged and officers doing really sad things to prevent from paying royalties on a really popular book.  Its not like public safety is affected in any way its sad that anyone would even read this blog.  Let alone add it to their rss reader and just can’t get enough.  It’s not like its some kind of gold mine in human disorders.  If your reading every post day to day from Italy I’m sorry it was me.  Confessing to crimes you don’t do is another disorder something completely different.  Something’s bound to happen I’m not just saying this stuff because I was watching demolition man on T.V. and having difficulty separating fantasy and real life.  You were going to know everything, I was going to tell you everything but then you blew it by posting this and I found a way to keep all the money for myself ,  said constable [insert name here].