Area 51 reports a brown box stolen from hanger 10

As if everything hasn’t been cliche’ enough up until this point.  Another brownbox has been stolen from a top secret facility at Area 51.  Back when the Type51’s were at the height of technological marvel they started introducing these new brownbox’s.  It’s almost as if this is going get more predictable.  It seems as if what’s going on was some kind of old boys club game or something.

Who cares what information has been stolen if your unable to read the data.  It seems to me the intellectual theft of a brown box just isn’t as high priority as it would seem.  What kind of military technology could of been stolen?  Its almost as if someone is playing some kind of game.  We just can’t have outside involvement regarding the evolution of key systems throughout the country.  This sort of thing would never happen back in the hitler days with all data under lock and key.  Stealing the keys to a brownbox seems kind of mute point when a blackbox has all the sequences to the encryption keys on a nuclear device.  You almost expect this kind of screw up going back to 7 clowns at a Roger Centre or something.  You just had to be there.   But now the blackbox again has to brag about all the nothing it does all day long.  When will the madness end.  Any why would this go back to one of 7 Land locked navy boys it just makes no sense to me I would rather play at the tim hortons.  Taking the sub down at this point seems like more of a mission best left for the West Edmonton mall.  Why are top secret locations mobile these days anyway.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Last thing they would need is a snap inspection.  What’s next a missing bullet recovery mission God knows we have all had enough of those around here.  And where the hell did barney go?