Disturbing title tags take the search industry by storm

Fake Funerals a way of life for those living in sin. Just one step away from becoming RCMP with more business’s. Not all on braidwood but most of them.

Some wonderful advice from those that pray for death was emailed to me this morning.  I would like to thank you personally one day for the kind words.  As well those that told me I am too many funerals also really made my day.  Why not make my life more interesting guys while you’re trying to systematically blame me for the suicide and homicide rate in Canada.  Every time a man just decides he’s had enough of this world make sure you throw a copy of brotherhood in death at the crime scene.  You know remove all doubt.  Obviously I’m responsible for everyone’s deaths from stupidity or a life of crime.  You know think outside the box guys.  Since you have decided that all you want to do is believe lies and fake book sales ignore my real copies be creative.   Every homicide could be just another chapter you know mix things up guys.  Heaven forbid give me peace of mind and my money so I can disappear and get the hell away from all the hatred being displayed by those with all the wealth.  Thanks for all your emails at booksales@kevinkatovic.com they have really been helpful tracking my fan base down.  I’m all peaches and cream these days enjoying all the fake funerals in the paper every week that you guys use to steal from real and fake death.  I think it’s just wonderful.  I really love how rich all of the religious people of the Comox Valley, BC are.