Sometimes I wonder about her

Woman under 35 actually has orgasm and stays with husband in Union Bay, BC
Is the news entertaining?

Do people that visit your blog from the bing and yahoo search engine really read the blogs they go to from search. Think about it hundreds of thousands of bloggers from all over the world visit blogs. Do they really read the posts. I wonder because the idea of blogging was always to open up a dialog between the blogger and the audience. I am sure there are examples out there but I am positive it isn’t Kevin Rose’s Digg search engine. If you have ever used that ping search engine you will realize it’s nothing more than a spam generator. But is the real news entertaining enough.  Real content on the web that’s engaging, entertaining and interesting deserves real visitors not automatic junk from a machine.

You know like the headline I seen in the Union Bay, BC gazette.  ” Woman 20-35 actually has sex with man under 55 years of age.”  A fascinating article I read regarding women that date older men.  Simply because the only one younger than 41 is me.  And we couldn’t have me having sex and procreating due to that new law that retards cant have kids.  Digg also has a way of tanking your search results the moment you start using it as suddenly all your linking structure is replaced by links to there website somehow. Its not just like the huffington post either. Again It’s like the biggest failures in life seem to do the best in the search industry isn’t it. My theory is if your not a part of it you will only be hated especially if your good at ranking well in the search engines. In case I haven’t said this lately, do it. Please do it. End it all. You know you don’t want to live anymore. Please I want to know I am making a difference in the world and generating jobs for people. I ran into a criminal profiler the other day and she thanked me for all the good work I have been doing lately its rare to get this sort of attention. Its great news. I’ll try and keep up to speed on the current news.