But I don't want to fall in love with you

Shaw Cable Installs
Well Mcafe was tired of working at shaw cable so I thought I would give it a go.

I think we have all heard this cop out before. I don’t have the time to fall in love or well right now just isn’t convenient or well I just don’t have enough money. You know what they say the heart wants what it wants next thing you know there singing a song about it. You know its like people just don’t stick with what they know. Nobody cares. They really care! Nobody cares? Yes they care! Just give up on dsl.  Seriously though don’t buy steaks at Quality Foods. They warned me. Any way do any of the posts I make truly make sense. Of course they do that’s why it doesn’t matter. I know what your thinking. How do I do it. I have no clue. There is nothing I can do that will influence anyone that may or may not be reading this. My only concern is why does one particular person that always say they own everything at a ISP always want to control everything about my life. That’s all I want to know. How come this person remains so wealthy and powerful and can spend thousands of dollars annoying me to death. I’m just curious who is that?