More disturbing disgusting behavior

Another Canoe Fatality Dear, Johnny It’s a wonder they still have any family left your so right.

No one likes being threatened daily. No one likes feeling powerless either. Recently there has been some kind of dns hack that keeps threatening the lives of some really nice criminals. Obviously no one likes when their accounts get canceled. Some of these people might even suggest it’s why some of these kids get shot. I know how this sounds.

Could of been worst this could of felt like your life’s over and your trapped at a Value Village.  Awful right! People are terrible to me I don’t know what’s going on and people keep shutting my accounts off. There is a fellow that use to shut my accounts in the thousands. This is no laughing matter. These kids really do think they are in some way more deserving than the people that actually made the money in the first place. I wonder if incidents like the Virginia Tech shootings might of had something more to do with theft from Canadians and less to do with random acts of violence. Anyone that was affected personally by this let me say how sorry I am for your loss. It’s happened many times to me, thousands of dollars I am no stranger to loss. But if you earned it and someone just decides to create a rule to try and steal your wealth it really is sad. I really hate talking about death all the time 24/7 constantly. It’s like I’m just trying to reach out. You know help you understand that just because someone deletes your profile with 7 to 16 grand in it when you have 30 thousand in credit card debt that you gave him don’t think you can just blow some idiots head off with a automatic weapon. Im serious. This is ignorant behavior. I have lost thousands before in stocks and never have I just thrown someone off the top of a building in Dubai when he failed to clear my trade. It really is disturbing seeing someone accuse people of stupid retarded behavior such as this. This stuff doesn’t happen in reality. No one ever would want to see someone murdered because of money. That’s the last person. Don’t make this difficult on yourself. Stop this heartbleed dns bug that keeps disturbing people. Not everyone is as stable as me. They don’t understand. People react to loss differently but killing someone over money that’s sort of reserved for a special kind of ignorantly insane. It’s not like people can recreate instances where the ignorant just can’t accept the reality of loss to brilliance. Loss because of ignorance happens every day. But that’s pretty much case closed. Try it. Maybe you should join CJ. They have thousands of kids working for them. And don’t think I am depressed and think if you send some stupid beautiful bimbo between 20-30 to have sex with me it will cheer me up in the name of national security. This really is so cliche’