Im so sick of my neighbors

I know how that sounds.  But I am just sick of them.  They have Katy Perry music cranked again.  I’m sick of it.  They are doing it every day.  This is how they do da do da do.   Every day I am losing my mind.   I just sit there and stare.  They must keep their windows open all the time its horrific.  It seems every morning I wake up listening to that awful music.  They just won’t grow some days it’s Tove Lo and they are losing there minds.  Why do they do da do do do it?  Why it seems just yesterday I was on one of my long walks in the woods and some might call me a bit of a tree hugger.  I sometimes run into secret dice one day colored balls and various other trinkets.  Why it must be these psychotic neighbors of mine.

I have always been fascinated with this pop star and the Germans.  I am not sure why the Germans.  And why are they fascinated with a broken pop star?  Why if they really wanted to lose there mind why not listen to something really crazy like Fergie or something.  It’s just weird.  My neighbors talk to themselves allot.  Its like they are weird and twisted.  I found them many times on the beach talking to themselves and I’m scared.  And they always seem to keep having some kind of weird party and the traffic up and down there private road is crazy busy.  It’s like they are drug dealers or something.  And there is this creepy skinny dude in a tux that keeps driving up and down that road.  I’m scared guys, scared I don’t know what to do.  I hate them I hate everything about them.

And their Katy Perry alarm clock it wakes me up practically every morning going wahh wahh wahh.  That clock is nutz.