Don't die early Marines don't agree to dumbing down

Don’t die early

We aren’t on the front lines and I am not some secret noc from some elite government conspiracy taking hits on the front lines screaming like a little girl.  Don’t fall for this silly garbage.  You’re a self made man.  Drone technology scares the hell out of people.  This technology isn’t some kind of killer elite drones designed as elite killing machines.  They are not just agents from Taiwan tickling people with feathers.  Beware the rouge robot.  It can be dangerous.  This is not a ordinary op.  Weapons will not be discharged and your life is not exciting and you do not live on testosterone.  I am just your average man.  Squirrel or Bird? Are navy seals delivered with books like brotherhood in death or can everybody get one.

Stop living for these ops.  It’s not the FBSWEA we do things differently around here.  We do not use drones to shoot pedophiles murders and rapists.  BE CAREFUL! [SHE SAID IT WAS OK!]  We are not just some dumb guys throwing money around here.  There is no war going on and you’re not going to find some kind of screaming death hand to hand combat here.


I’m watching you don’t chase the drones! Am I running like a real dear or robot?

Don’t become the name of the day and get pigeon holed into some stupid land locked defaulted safe mission for eternity.  Unless your married of course.  These no go zones and firing lines do not exist.  Do not fall for someone claiming to be something they aren’t.  Make sure to buy the book.  There are no satanic rituals.