Murdered in cold blood hackers and porn

USA will take lives and made that clear with there man made laws of execution where in Canada isn’t it like as long as you kill em here I doubt you will see 10 years. I am not saying this to be cool or remind you that with him anything is possible but there is so many fine lines I think THE PRETENDERS get labeled with. Illegal conscription seems to be where its at for this type of electronic deviant behavior. I think we all know I wouldn’t. Do not worship man or woman. Lets be clear about that one. The UNKNOWN GOD however is something I just can’t get enough of and long for. Disease of the mind creates one of the worst most difficult problems for the entire system. What if someones mind is so fractured and confused it takes life when it hears and see’s murderous images in someones mind. Eye for a Eye. Murders are planned righteous deaths are in the moment. This is something Americans long to hear. Was the death righteous. Or was someone murdered in cold blood by some gun or weak piece of dog turd defending the fact we had no right being there in the
first place. Thanks. Ignore my rock. Fuck does he hear me? I
would never. Who cares. What the hell was I talking about. Oh yes
Jesus! She did.  I hope that ruined the book at this point no one seems to care much in the way of editing.

Its why I am scared to death of all these woman that think I have
some magical gift giving ability now. Obviously they are wrong. I’ll fail
him. I’ll betray you. I always do. What the hell is with all the dolls.
Any who what was I talking about July, 21st 2015. What do I just slap
these things together. God almighty who could have anything decent to say in that length of time. Oh yes lets not insult GOD anymore. The
living GOD try’s to confuse us with the DEVIL too much which is no
paradise according to JEHOVAH which doesn’t exist obviously since no one will pay for it. When I hear GOD I hate seeing someone pretend to be JESUS and scurry about weak and meek and betraying us everywhere where he runs. Jesus was fearless strong all powerful and so in tune with Jehovah GOD every minute of his existence anything was possible since he had a fraction of GODs true power. Or am I covered in shit again?  Why aren’t you willing to pay for GOD? Why would you pay for fake Jesus’s all over the bookstore but someone claiming to hear a true GOD is undefined. Why again does the meek rule the world. I mention this book not insulting it but proving porn rules the universe? Original sin has been proven to be the most profitable industry. Until the internet computer age the physical trading of dirty magazines probably would eclipse internet sales.

Enough about GOD. Hackers and the porn industry is where the
money is. Heaven forbid the fuzzy bunny slippers and ears agency has to look for 3 or 4 CSEC agents to compare dirty notes. Trust me on this one you will never hack your way to a woman’s heart. I tried and failed miserably.  Woman/Girls become scared and intimidated at younger ages the more you know about them. They are even less likely to become sexually aroused by you if your intelligent and come off as well adjusted protective and sexy. Woman want security and rich dumb money which the world has made impossible to achieve. I have seen demonstration after demonstration with real world results proving this fact. I have loved and lost I believe simply due to a public service and sympathy for my efforts financially and time consuming. Women don’t want to know the truth. They want 50 shades of grey? What a coincidence. Jesus was a meek Jew again? Woman which I don’t know because I won’t sacrifice my dignity, seem to believe in things that don’t exist. Woman prefer fantasy over reality since I believe they can live longer believing larger lies than man can. Eventually a man will spill the beans of the physical realm and hang himself. Call the USA once again I think hes moving. I don’t really want to get into great detail about my ability to find someone else’s programing work to compromise a computer since that’s nothing special. Downloading a program someone else created is not as promising as the original Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Your not closer
to GOD creating Windows or Unix either your just a man that was given a chance at something which no other man on earth grants me. A chance to be the best man I can be.