Memoire about dealing with schizophrenia

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I have two completed books nowhere near perfect and fifty shades of pay.  I completed my first book five years ago.  I am a resident of Union Bay, BC you can speculate which town Nowhere BC refers to the most but it’s just a book title.  There are many local authors in this area according to the books I have seen for sale at our local grocery store.  I wrote this memoir to tell you all about my life feel free to send me a email or comment regarding it.  I would love to hear what my fans think about it in person as well.  I love entertaining.  I really do.  I consider myself a people person and I really do love to get the best out of people.  email :

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I have not met any celebrities but I heard that is the best way of getting your name out there and book sales up.  It isn’t about the money with me though after five years it’s more of a lifestyle writing and I think I am about to retire now.  I have done all I think I have done as of late where I am.  I really would like to live on a smaller island I think that’s wonderful.  As I said in my book I would like to own a entire island one day.  I wonder how close I have come to my goals.  Perhaps its a unreal aspiration.  Well I really think I can do it though.  There are billionaires and millionaires out there, I am sure of that.  I am sure I am not the only author out there as well.  I believe I have something important to say and its worth sharing.  I hope you agree.  Share your thoughts.