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How to write a brilliant resume

Don’t get “Resumed” the barrage of endless resume fodder that plagues your desk at the moment

Looking for work?  Did you know that the current employment numbers are starting to come around.  Overall Canada is slowly but surely adding to the full-time workforce and things are looking up.  With all the new jobs becoming available there are going to be more and more people polishing up their resume.

Here are some tips to keep your resume up-to-date and read worthy.  Problematic resumes can get a switch ejection from being shortlisted and here’s what you have to avoid.

  • Negative connotation
  • Tertiary content
  • Incomplete or inappropriate speech
  • Racist or inflammatory text
  • False Statements
  • Incomplete contact information

Take pride in your resume and your resume will take care of you.  Don’t embellish if you weren’t there your weren’t there that’s a no brainer.  Don’t hire the foreign worker resume just because you want to believe.  If you’re the employer don’t fall for that.  Some agencies while requiring a bachelor of arts just pass the entry then hire constantly based on false statements.  Demand accuracy and don’t go with foreign occupancy laws.

Be careful not to become the person doing the interview before the interview even has been decided.  Positivity of getting a decent co-worker can sometimes work against you.  There is no easy way of putting that last sentence.  If you’re praying to God that they finally hire someone that actually has experience in your field chances are you’re being tortured.  Don’t pray yourself out of getting a decent or trainable co-worker.

You can’t start at the top.

If too many people want you to start at the top chances are your the top already and well to be honest we would all rather be busy than liars.

Keep your resume current.  Again spare no expense on this.  If you worked that 2 days for dairy-queen put it on there they want to know.   Don’t be embarrassed by your experience.  Even while you may or may not have the .5% intellect of North America you don’t need to front.  Keep it short.  No one wants to read 4 pages of dribble about where you were the night kennedy was shot.  We don’t care if you’re in the UN or you know all the presidents or multiple hedge fund managers or have contacts with foreign princes or queens or dignitaries.  Basically don’t bullcrap people.  We want someone to run the soft cone machine and if you can’t get Obama to hold his nuts then grow a pair and leave.

Stop staring at the Japanese mimeograph machine it hasn’t changed and you don’t need that firm hard copy.  Give it a break already.

Short and Sweet.  Don’t hide things either.  New Employers that are your boss and with 10 or less years experience will not be impressed.  Your job is not to impress.

Keep it clean.  That’s all that really is necessary.  No bars,  No excessive punctuation, no bad trades.  I hope this helps.