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Roku Disabled XTV Free Streaming App Offline

xtv app disabledI guess everyone like me is completely upset this morning going to there roku for TV and having a brilliant app disabled.  They removed History Channel not to long ago from the app which people were paying for but things are getting ugly out there for choices now.  If you have a Roku like me your one of the unfortunate people trying to save money paying for cable premiums.  This is heart breaking we had some good live streaming choices with XTV app code [XTVIPTV] .  I find it funny Roku claims they do not monitor 3rd party apps but I guess they did after all maybe they were legally forced to pull the app.  Its too bad they can’t get the major networks to sign some sort of deal with programming designed for people with the Roku.  CanadaTV just is a awful app that’s paid for.  They added CBC to the app but it was Toronto CBC which I never liked and the History channel was not too bad but all these channels were intermittent.   I expect when I pay for a app I expect things like HD TV and streaming to work constantly and not be disrupted.  I guess they figure they can monetize the roku with CanadaTV because its easy to find with there standard search box.  That’s the thing when it comes to computers you require a certain amount of motivation to figure out how to add channels to systems and things like Pairing devices to programs and logging in.  It can be complicated to set up these things its too bad once we have some good choices they ban them.  XTV had all kinds of integration for TV apps included in its system I wonder which channel complained that they were streaming there network.

Well XTV is offline now I wonder if this is a permanent decision by ROKU to Offline the popular app XTV.  Maybe if we call and complain they will return the app?