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Comox Valley Lawncare | New Direction

Comox Valley LawncareComox Valley Lawncare doesn’t mind spending its entire day just silently working away all day in your computers memory.  We are always looking for a redo a rehash a rethink a rework.  Maybe another picture on the main screen another pot plant variant a new investment opportunity.  You never know.  Could I need people at this time?  Well that’s all speculative I might be hiring in the future if things get out of control but really if you seen one construction company you seem em all.  Working tirelessly, endlessly, clipping coupons to stay alive rolling pennies doing whatever it takes!  I guess it all means tracking down the checks now.  But when I say tracking down the checkz I mean looking for this commission variant strain of distribution.  The concert went great btw thanks for asking.  Hope you too plan on having some real fun times.  Maybe you met your best friend at a concert and want the best for me as well.  Well the company has decided to take a new direction.  We have coilated a call list and you never know what we will do with all the data.  Need some cabbage wacked?  We do that!