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Some of the amazing Ironies in life

Umbrella Corporation

There are many things in life someone might find offensive.  For instance perhaps I don’t arrest and that’s becoming obvious at this point.  Why would I anyway it just doesn’t make sense.  It really has been one of those infamous things in life that has remained true for eons.  You know what that is.  It’s the part where someone always wants to lay BLAME for something and eavesdrop.  If something goes wrong in your life don’t BLAME someone for life’s inadequacies.  I don’t think your stupid remotely and judge you without seeing you in person.  I don’t have to the fact you keep hiding in Toronto, On with bell seals the fact I know for a fact your a idiot.  If you’re reading this, this is basically the worst goodbye ever.  I don’t want my life to become a toilet like some of the other conversations I have had around here. I’m not exactly sure what happened other than being robbed and calling the robber to pick me up and give me a ride.

An interesting law I want to point out at this time is one where they believed a certain set of them should apply to genius’s.  I’m not making this up.  I swear to God.  Not only do they think some people should be tried as a Genius the reason this happens is because usually ignorant people want to prevent them from getting rich.  Again I swear to God this is the problem since the birth of Christ himself.  Isn’t it ironic that an ignorant person would want to use law in the first place to punish someone that is smarter than them.  Not only that but then to find out that genius’s get to be punished even more due to the fact because of there intelligence in the first place they should’ve known better.  Oh I hope this makes you feel better right now.  Do you feel safe?  Hows your property?  Hows that dangerous money I am sworn to protect.   Is your money safe.  After all that’s my job right to make sure all the ignorant peoples money is safe and there property secure.  Ok I can leave now.  But that really is the way it is around here.  They keep putting someone in charge to control a process that don’t even understand to ensure they never understand how there life is a crime.  I get that.  No I really get that.  People will always get jealous of some people’s wealth or money or brain power but it takes a true genius to hide the fact that personally I mentally would suffer incredibly more than you in prison if your a idiot.  Its really true for me 90 days in jail really is more mentally painful than yours if your average or less average intelligence.

These are proven facts.  It really would be stupid trying to stop someone from getting at what they deserve in life.  Why do these people always turn into police.  A place where you are free to judge people all day long and get paid for it but really in all honesty do nothing to help anyone at all.  When was the last time a cop came up to you and give you cash after pulling you over.  You know oh hey I remember you , you’re that guy traded with all those brokerages that I stole from here’s a few bucks.  But this is more or less the problem.  Easy money.  Most likely you have to find a position of power in order to abuse it.  I don’t want to hide my life either like some of those grey haired nuns that work at TD and Andrea Merkel.  Obviously I don’t know Andrea and don’t work at TD.  If I worked at a place it would be a electronic clearing house that made everyone work for me at TD.  Wait a second.  Screw it they found my QUESTRADE INC. quebec lavalanded account.  Those guys are getting smart.  Good thing they read my blog daily.

So Maybe I found that people can’t accept the truth in the Comox Valley, BC and it really is a conspiracy to keep me broke.  Since the best way to prove your dumb and have millions is let everyone believe you’re broke.  So now how about making good on one bad trade guys.  Let’s do this!  I feel like I really do lose my life and the Government deletes my life basically because morons can’t deal with the fact I can charge any price I want for my intellectual property.  Its why you keep bothering me.  Its why I keep telling you your garbage.  It’s basically why your garbage.  Seriously your garbage.  And stop trying to make my life a toilet.   You know who you are.  Grow up.

I don’t know anyone today.  Stop making me steal for you.  Unless of course it’s from the USA and enough.  Well basically it goes without saying. Nevermind.