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More psychological warfare

Buy a hamster named frank
Buy a hamster named frank

Some of the most aggressive of the four hundred people are starting to wonder.  Is it one of the eight thousand people that work for the local government that have full time jobs.  Maybe the fact that I keep getting attacked and ambushed in a rural area.  Could it be my attitude?  Nah it isn’t my book you illegally read and never paid for is it?  Nah that couldn’t be it.  Maybe that’s the point guys.  You’re the only ones with jobs.  Since you have these great jobs and judge everyone over 25 and keep them unemployed I must ask.  Is this psychological.  Why do you think you are allowed to judge me?  The book exists true but first we have to deal with these ignorant felons.  You know shouldn’t be hard to find those forms.  Why is everyone a idiot? But did you buy a hamster.

I have lots of questions.  It’s almost as if you keep targeting me because of my elite pay.  You know the book is $3600 canadian for a reason it’s not warfare here.  Like you will ever find it cheaper online.  Good luck.  Why Im surely not going to make it affordable when I realize how many of you mean me so much harm now would I.  Maybe you should keep grasping at straws and get on the gravy train.  The city has 60 million!  I know because I hacked the city!  They literally made that up when they learnt how much money my book was bringing in at the public library being sold by all those disgusting librarians that steal it.  How many mayors do you have to insult to get the point across.  Im better at every thing in life morons.  Everything.  Every God Dam thing.  I’m better looking, smarter, more charming.  Hell I even have more money that everyone in the entire BC.  Its really a shame that I have to wait for the pm internet to provide this high speed broadband. Seriously though call the hamster frank.

Lots of talk.  Lots of talk yet nothing happening.  I’m still with no internet.  It’s hard to believe how immature everyone that [has a job] is in the valley and how jealous and petty everyone really is.  Trust me.

That is all the time I have today to brag about being better than everyone that’s threatening me at the moment because they are pathetic.  That is all.  And now we dance.  Be kind to each other.