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Bitcoin Trading Fiasco Major Market Corrections

Well I don’t know who terra flopped the bad boy trading currency this day but its true I use to stream stocks in real time (except cibc) god knows I tried from that platform. Either way What a collosal dump. Currently as I check In real time one physical Bitcoin is worth $12,884.5425 USD but can they legally exist in the physical world? I guess that’s the problem plaging investors today. How many items do I have to find in my dads old school bag before you believe me what this is on my desktop is real. But don’t trust me today I’m calculating something from back in the 40’s just for this simple fact. DNA analysis crimes lab data I mean they got me believing stuff that really is reserved for history books. I hope I don’t go on a tangent myself describing market flux and siphon coin. If you want to participate in the siphon coin project just follow the link. I suggest bumping the processor usuage to 80% to help me out the most but hey you got other things to do today I’m sure. Of course it has to run all day for me really to notice but that never happens sadly.

Bitcoin Trading Fiasco Major Market Correction Below.

The SiphonCoin Project

Just another way to work for me all day and prove your undying love? Eternal Gratitude? Self loathing? Either way lets move this needle so I can make a awesome withdrawl! Haha thanks gain clients! Keep up the great work!