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Do you think Toronto Raptors DeRozan DeMar Lowry Kyle or Biyombo Bismack are popular?

I just learned today that there is a search tool on Yahoo! Search that tells you the search trends across the world.  That way you can see what’s popular and what isn’t.  I have had a few posts as of late on my blog regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  Up until today I had no idea what that was.  I had many people approach me at the PPC summit I went to though last year regarding this.  I found out that you can actually pay people money to help your visibility in the search engines for certain terms.

I learned that currently the toronto raptors are growing very popular and I think I am going to go pay them a visit.  I have always wanted to see inside that new sports coliseum in Ontario.  My life has been a lot different since I wrote my first book back in 2011 Nowhere Near Perfect.  I have gone on since then to write Fifty Shades of Pay so far nothing.  People in control of the payment process for self publishing don’t seem to understand that the author of a book gets a royalty.  I suggest changing to publishers that understand how to pay for things.  I do accept donations on my blog however.  If you would like to make a paypal donation on the right hand side of my blog you just have to click the donate button.  Much like many wiki’s out there I always appreciate whatever my fans can afford.  I wonder if the order matters.  I seen on the search there were many different names like Biyombo.

I have never heard of all the differences before for names on the search and how they measure how popular a person is.  Like I said as a author I have been around a long time.  Kevin Katovic should be pretty popular at this time you would think after being a author for 5 years.  How much money do you think I must have.   I have seen celebrities come and go over the years I wonder what they all want?  I wanted to get a job at T-MAR which rhymes with DeMar.  I am sure the capitalization of the word doesn’t matter.  I plan on living a long life here in sleepy Union Bay, BC its a great little town.  The community loves me and encourages my writing career.  I enjoy how the people in my opinion are a cut above what you would expect from the 50-90 crowd.  Did you know that they nearly all have incomes twice as big as mine minimum!  I wish to get as good as these people enough said.  DeRozan is a name that sounds similar to that new motherboard Zotac.

I was getting Bisquick the other day in the grocery store no lie which also sounds like Bismack.  I wonder what some of my old friends from Visions are doing today like Kyle.  He was quite the card.  Any way guys I better get back to the Lowry job of doing the laundry.