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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 III

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 III

With a 1 inch 20.1 mega-pixel sensor this digital camera is by no means entry level but might be mid range for the shooting professionals.  The Sony Cybershot dsc rx10 iii has a 25x zoom non digital focus and can replace a dslr camera.  I like the fact this camera can replace a more expensive digital slr camera.  The Sony DSC RX10 iii has a impressive image stabilization system as well and has a large buffer for faster shots.  The rx10’s features are:

  • 24-600mm equiv f/2.4-4 lens
  • 64-25000 ISO setting
  • 3inch LCD screen
  • 2.3 million dot evf

Some are considering this move by Sony might be a bit of a gamble with a high price tag being over $1500 in most retail outlets.  This camera is being sold as a secondary or backup camera to a DSLR camera.  The bridge of this camera is extremely long yet very compact when not fully zoomed.  The digital camera in video mode is also capable of 4K video.

I think I would get this camera over a dslr simply because of its power.  I like simple point and shoot cameras over the complicated DSLR cameras which are great if your shooting a wedding but in some cases suffer a bit in the sporting events.  This sony cybershot is being compared to the MARK III but makes the lens changing less significant.

When buying a digital camera you have to be careful you don’t pay for features you will never use as well.  This camera makes it easier than most and focusing can be one of the most reasons you choose a certain camera brand.  Definitely wish the best of luck with the hundreds of brands out there but I think I myself will never need anything so powerful.  To make this humorous I believe taking photos require some permissions to be given first when taking human subjects but there is always nature I suppose.  Good luck with your camera hunting though.