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Which is it misogynistic or creepy already

What is hated
What is hated

Well in order for me to change my behavior patterns I need a test subject.  I know how this sounds right.  Obviously if I am going to be deemed a undesirable part of the community we should get some problem solvers on this.

Do I hate woman?

I don’t hate period.  Its just not in me.  I have tried to use behavioral control however to modify a end result.  For me my goal in life is to be happy.  There really isn’t much to me as a man.  I dislike many things that women and girls do that make them easy targets for ridicule however.  I take no pleasure in seeing someone upset.  The only thing I hate is controlled environments.  For instance someone has recently accused me of being creepy.  Now a creepy person is someone that creeps up on people.  A spy is a creep.  A spy creeps up behind or even follows a person at a great distance trying to overhear or observe behavior.  I do not participate in such activities.  A creep is not a person that is highly visible, loud, and openly aggressive about getting any interaction whatsoever.  To me any conversation is a good conversation with the exception of yelling and belittlement.  If you can manage to do that wow have I got a good job for you.

Perhaps its my willingness to love that woman hate.  I complain about one problem I can’t seem to conquer and that’s my own loneliness.  You might say I am my own worst enemy.  I seek out conversation in places that are not conducive to conversation.  I don’t see myself as being hateful towards women however there is a few things I find unattractive.  I dislike repulsive personalities.  Nothing you can say will break a person out of their mold.  You can’t get any reaction at all in some cases.  Women are not to be conquered or collected or controlled yet some men do that very thing.

Another fact I dislike in women in general however is the lack of honesty.  You can’t form a discussion on lies.  If a environment is created to make everyone uncomfortable how is that helpful.  All that does is make a person want to spend less time in it.  How desperate would you have to be to be willing to be in a environment that is designed to make every uncomfortable.  I am constantly proving however I am willing to nearly do anything in order to complete my objective.  That would be to be less creepy and more keepy.