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Anti-coup rally in Istanbul: Erdogan vows to return death penalty

Recep Tayyip ErdoğanSpeaking to a crowd of over a million at a Anti-coup rally in Istanbul Erdogan vows to bring the death penalty back.  Approximately 270 people died in last months coup attempt.  Supporters of Mr Gulen are being detained and losing there jobs for the anti-government activities.  Nearly 18,000 people have  been detained and arrested after last months incident.

Turkey has had its share of problems but they haven’t had the death penalty since 1984 and this is a big change.  Many countries have the death penalty but many do not as well like Canada for instance.  President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has taken a firm stance since there were so many deaths from the last attempt to overthrow the government.  I wonder what exactly happens when this occurs myself.  Do they just try to take over all the buildings and start a new rule.  How complicated is that process where people even decide to attempt this.  I am not a politician or politically involved in any way but if I was I would have to be pretty scared to reign in this area with so many attempts to overthrow government activities.   I don’t know if bringing back the death penalty will be more of a deterrent to those activities but its a start.   Perhaps scaring some of them with harsh punishments shall set a example to prevent it from happening again.

With the return of the death penalty will it in fact change the way things happen in law though.  I can only imagine with 1 million people packed tightly in a small area violence could erupt easily and it might not be a safe activity.  North America does not see such large gatherings and its just a completely different culture.  While we still have large gatherings with politicians at the help speaking and running for office rarely do we see that many people standing in wait of speeches.  I guess we just run things differently in the west  some people say there is nothing much to do there than go to protests and rallies.  I guess we will all see what happens in Turkey in the future I wish the best of luck to them and hope things remain peaceful from now on.