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Peter Cvjetanovic “Angry torch guy”

tiki-torch Peter CvjetanovicSelf proclaimed white nationalist Peter Cvjetanovic is better known as the Angry torch guy. Social media is all over this as it is going viral and all bloggers want to be a part of the next viral goings on. Thanks to google trends for pointing this out to me I missed it until now. Of course the others in the protest are being named but no one so far has really been shamed. Perhaps the tiki torches in the protest in question will be shamed in some weird branding campaign. The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. sponsored the activity for which the users are now being outed for. I don’t know if it really matters these days who is preaching hate because there are so many that silently applaud the behavior. I guess its ok to point out or pick on people that participate in bigoted activities or at least that is what the mainstay will have you think. I guess they really are asking for negative attention. Perhaps professional wrestlers and boxers do the same thing? Maybe its the confrontation from physically excitable people they crave. I don’t know I have ever wanted to be punched or poked but some people go out looking for physical confrontation.  I wonder if this is what they are really looking for.