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What is the best butterfly book you have read?

butterflyWell I guess I lost you tell me. Imagine if everyone at the search engines told us all searching with there programs you tell me. Why it would be a advertisers dream come true everyone searching over and over again to see there ads. I know there are many good books out there but ones with pictures are the best sellers? I wonder I have a book as well for sale but not on the mighty amazon. All copies found on amazon are fraudulent at the moment or illegally being sold but well I guess that’s the way it is when your a best seller? What does it take to really be a best seller anyway one or two books sold? How about 0 in 7 years? Maybe I should consider promoting my book or if it was about butterflies maybe it would be a best seller. Selling things online has always been very difficult and I can’t imagine anyone getting rich over night selling books online but every prison has a die hard inmate I guess. If your life is a prison I suppose you wouldn’t be promoting much of anything. While I want Nowhere Near Perfect to gain some traction I sure don’t want to kill any butterflies in the process. Is being the best at something all you really have to do? I would think I am the best at doing my own book but maybe I am wrong. Maybe its worth paying another editor to correct not much of anything. I am curious though maybe you have created the best butterfly book in all of the world and want to share it. Maybe this is the place. Good luck all those creating magnificent books as I don’t know how to promote the best but you know I am going to give it a go I have nothing else pressing at the moment.