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Bitcoin is it ever enough?

Some Gaps Need the CEO

Obviously I haven’t given up on blogging but I seldom find things worthy about blogging about.  So there is some seed money trickling in eh. Who understands all the lyrics? Is lyre the new algorithm of choice heating up the PC coin miners out there? Finding blocks of 12.5 BCH and BTC seem to be the dream for most. Everyone wants someone or something they can count on. Is one big win impossible to achieve these days with the processing power of the average commercially obtainable miners. There has been lots of talk in the news lately about quantum computing. Recently in the news someone found a block that would take most of us 2025 years to calculate. Does that mean we might as well throw in the towel? Some people at certain agencies might be silly enough to say ” What do you want to see there ” well obviously I want to win the most blocks the most consistently. So am I fast enough? Is the seed money trickling in to the ” Intellectual Ethereum Token ” LawnCoin enough? Perhaps the comedy never ends. So whats with a valuation anyway. Perhaps the averages are tough to calculate for this. Buy Tokens Its easy to buy tokens with that link. But one might say getting bitcoin and converting it to ETH then Getting ” A program to work with this ” might evade some less computer literate people.

Is the dream of Comox Valley Lawncare of running a small truck mowing lawns all over Vancouver Island a dream?  Thank goodness there is no law against being profitable but sadly that’s a opinion reserved for only the highest levels of Government.  How can we slow this down?  Are you Mad !  The antminer is still working away heating up the shop to unbearable levels perhaps a fan would be nice but sadly its not in the budget.