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Bitcoin miners: Has the bubble burst

Bubble BurstI hope no one jumps out of any windows here but has the bottom finally come out of the market on this crypto currentcy. @ $14,280 There might be a bit of resistance if people are looking to memorize the trading screens. I use to have a chart reflecting all the trading brokerages trading numbers for the floor but not sure what I did with it. Whats the deal with block chain anyway. Sounds like some kind of prison stock I hope not. Could bitcoin really cause a run on the banks? How secure is your data when it comes to bitcoin as well. Like anything intangible like bitcoin what possible metal could be worth more than gold? If all 20 million bitcoins were gold that surely would be impressive. Not sure why we are arguing over this but I’m sure if even one was acquired you could live comfortably. Speaking of comfort I was told I was going to have a job living in comfort before. It’s too bad when the markets get soft and the company runs out of tasks so do the employee’s. I don’t think I should be frowned on because I take computers to task for this but still a jobs a job I suppose. If the bubble has burst on your bitcoin miner perhaps you can borrow a buddies. Well good luck with making your intangibles tangible today.