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Ontario approves Cannabis Act, taking effect July 1, 2018

legalized potThe bill passes with 63 MPPs for the bill and 27 against. Marijuana will now be legal to purchase as of July,1 2018. So it looks like you just have to be 19 according to this law which is similar to alcohol. Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation or the OCRC will operate 40 weed dispensaries. Retailing for about $10 a gram it will be available and taxed now similar to the way alcohol is. Dispensaries that are currently operating illegally could face fines of up to 2 years in Jail or 1 million dollars which will curb the illegal sale of the drug most think. Now that Ontario passed the Cannabis Act I wonder how many people will be rushing out to the new dispensaries to get there first legal high. I guess people are speculating if this will increase or reduce crime. I think people for the most part are legal citizens and this will not increase crime but might actually reduce it now that people have a safe and legal means of getting high. This bill will give the government to close “Pot Shops” as soon as there owners are charged regardless of whether they are found guilty in a court of law. There will be added costs to drug-impaired driving laws and updating them as well as enforcing them I would think. Recreational pot will bring in an estimated $120 million dollars in tax revenue however it will be eaten up in costs of setting up the legalized distribution centers and storefronts. Also all the tax benefits will also be gobbled up by added costs in the public health and safety departments of the Government. I guess we will all have to see how this plays out. So make sure you don’t start growing your pot plants just yet folks but I am sure there will be a spike next summer. Well I guess as Towlie would say, Wanna get high?