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Sexual Disorders Sex addiction Fear of Death Murder

I just keep diving into more and more psychosis don’t I. When will the madness end as I explore the saddest parts of Sexual Disorders that men and women suffer from. Lets discuss this connection people might suffer from. Does the act of committing murder or death turn you on. This could be the saddest sexual addiction that might exist as far as I know. I know eh? How could someone be turned on by the false sense of power emanated by someone doing a disgusting illegal act such as murder. Money and power has caused some people to do some strange things. Its almost as if some of the richest most powerful people in the world suffer from some of the saddest disturbing behaviors. This has to be the sickest form of sexual disorder. How could murder or death and corpses illicit a sexual response out of a person. However this illness does exist.

I have theories myself. Well you know what I mean. I have some ideas that once a person can get away with anything in life. As if right. But seriously I believe the psychosis a person might fall into with this sort of sickness might be why everyone just start going off the deep end and becoming evil. They keep getting infinitly wealthy and gain control over people. They want more and more control over people. Sometimes people want to own a person because they have money and power and this just isn’t satisfying them because there life is too easy. They keep trying to make there own lives tougher because life is just too easy. Not this man. But anyway I digress. These people might be beyond hope and lose there humanity after a point. They start seeing people as less human and more as objects they can control. Life can lose meaning for these people since they can have anything in the physical world made by there power. Weak minded people can be the easiest to control to move these monies. Its just another way to control a person to make them become a part of something. There is no sense of belonging more addictive than someone that can help you out of a bad situation. Its the people that keep trying to get you into one that can be problematic.

I fear murder I guess. I know that there are unstable people out there and the ones that are free can commit this horrific act and essentially no one is safe if they are in the public. This fear could lead to people not wanting to leave the home for there safety and all sorts of illness can spin off this. My theory is that some of the weakest pathetic minds that enjoy the act of murder might be because they can assume the money from the death thus creating more power and a rush. I however think that earning that way could not go unchecked very long before these people become wards of the state fast.

In some cases people just make up fantasy to support their claims in the real world.  In the worst cases someone that fails to accept reality might falsify a answer because they are mentally incapable of accepting the truth.  I did.