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PROMISE ME, DAD by Joe Biden Flatiron Books

Well if your interested in budget negotiations and catch phrases perhaps this is the book for you. Promise me dad a novel by joe biden is starting to gain traction perhaps you are in the mood to reminisce all the way back to 1975 a good year since it was the year I was born. I don’t know what to say say about this I really don’t know a whole lot about joe biden perhaps if I bought the book I would learn more. Well your all rich aren’t you just buy promise me dad and evalute it yourself. I keep suggesting buying Nowhere Near Perfect if your interested in a more exciting lifestyle than being in office. You know what I miss making the fire you know that use to be my job now nothing. I guess you need a lot of time on your hands to read these but seems like a great deal of effort to get to know someone you will never meet. Maybe that’s the point about fame. How do people really get famous? Does it happen overnight or does it take years and years of relentless time and money in advertising. So is Joe Biden somehow siphoning the hard earned tax payers money into promoting his book? I guess to some extent its the US Taxpayers fault that politicians have extra money to waste promoting themselves to achieve fame. Everyone wants to think they might have something that will interest others but I don’t know it takes a really entertaining book to hold my attention for a entire week. Right now I am reliving the days of old reading up on a safety course because I had the misfortune of drinking and driving. Unfortunately this is going to take up 16 hours of my life I will never get back. What really turns out to be a feeble attempt at behavioral control executed by the government. It takes a really special type of person that enjoys power and control over individuals. Perhaps that’s the illness the need to tell people what to do and monitor them. To be honest I am quite tired of this having experienced some type of behavioral control effort for nearly two years time.  Well I hope you enjoy and buy joe bidens book.  Later