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Olympic Games Rio 2016‬, ‪Rio de Janeiro‬, ‪Canada

Rio OlympicsDo you think rio de janeiro was a good place to host the olympic games 2016.  Out of all the countries bidding to host the olympics I think was could of did a lot better.  With 8 years to prepare for the olympics as well you would think they would be more prepared for the tourism impact.  The Opening ceremony kicked off today and the schedule tomorrow is:

Swimming Men’s 400m individual medley @ Sat, Aug 6  6:03 PM

Swimming Men’s 400m freestyle @ Sat, Aug 6  6:30 PM

Swimming Women’s 400m freestyle  @ Sun, Aug 7  7:01 PM

Swimming Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay @ Sun, Aug 7  7:52 PM

The Olympic Games Rio 2016 has about 550 athletes from the USA and 309 from Canada competing not to mention hundreds of others from Countries all over the world.  As previously stated the dates for Rio start today and we are soon to get to more swimming.  Your probably eager to see Canada vs. Australia.  Its 4 hours ahead of pacific standard time in RIO so you can expect the broadcast to be a bit early.  Now that the opening ceremony is over you probably want to know what time the games start.

The water was the main concern to many of the athletes competing.  It is said that there is enough bacteria in two teaspoons of the water they will be competing in to seriously cause some intestinal infections.  As you can imagine the area is rife with crime as well in the Olympic village which is of concern to the Olympians.  Most people going to the olympics shouldn’t be worried about the Zika Virus because its winter time there and mosquitoes wont be around.  It is however in bad taste you might say to host a international event at the time of a infectious disease outbreak.  Again you should be concerned and only drink bottle water since the tap water quality is so bad.  Its hard to trust a country that can’t get the fecal matter out of their water supply can’t pay police and yet afford to host the olympics.  Not much of this made sense with all the crime and poor water conditions to trust the Olympic Village there but break ins are happening.  Its just not as safe as they hoped.  I hope that they don’t spread the Zika Virus after this international event.