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Suicide bombing in Turkey

Another suicide bombing in turkey takes over 50 peoples lives at a Kurdish wedding.  The bombing occurred in the southern city of Gaziantep and near the border with Syria.  No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing as of yet.  Over 70 people were also wounded in what is being called the most serious bombing in Turkey so far this year.  Many believe the attacker was a child so far which has been the best guess of many people asked to this point.  A suicide vest was found at the scene but the age of the bomber is unknown for certain at this time.  This attack had come at a time when the government was being attacked by Kurdish militants so that was leaving speculation of retaliation.

They believe also that the attack might of been carried out by a local IS cell.  Since the victims in this attack were mostly children one has to be very shocked at the event.  While the bride and groom survived the attack they were among the wounded.

This part of the world surrounding turkey has been particularly violent the past few months.  In a previous post regarding turkey I had blogged about a anti-coup event and a effort to bring back the death penalty.  With this new law back you would think these events would get lesser.  Unfortunately with suicide bombers there can be little to no defense for these actions or punishment.  One of the most difficult things to protect against is suicide bombers as they believe they are dying for there cause.  Unfortunately the saddest part about the 22 victims said to be under 14 they really never had a chance at life yet.  I hope this region gets safer its really starting to get unstable in this area.  God bless everyone recovering from this disaster.