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Ever have one of those days

mininionPerhaps its my best one and last liners.  How do you get the grey bar working again on my affiliate page.  Well I said to them that’s rather special when that happens.  You just can’t take me seriously until well everything is gutted out of the system and we start running lean.  You know bare bones stuff.  They have to wonder did I fill the form out right, what about the commissions agreement did I view everything correctly.  You just have to wonder some days.  How do I live with myself when stuff like this happens.  Well you think at a certain rate and write at another rate and never the twain shall meet.  If the sentence is too long, hell make it longer I always say.  Yeah that comma does a lot. Not ALLOT has changed.  Messy stuff.  Yes that’s the back-ends of most killer ideas and websites.  Things get messy!  I tell you if I had a nickel for every time I tried that well I would of been burnt $30,000 dollars to a New York Company.  Shouldn’t have told me.  I mean really a bullet?  Who hires a bullet?  What is wrong with this website today.  Wrong face or something.  What a hag.  How do I find some decent help these days you know between 25-30 for long lasting careers of a minute to a day.  Well I tried to be good then I posted this.