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Because there is nothing to talk about and your under thirty

You don’t follow my blog enough. I don’t have this mission to be cool or pretend something I am not or anything like that. But if you think I could generate the 170 dollars again I would be doing this for a living?

How could I blog for a living please ” Give me a real job ” but heaven forbid you want me to actually work.

No I am not lazy but wow have I ever been accused of that.

My chest hurts a bit the past two days.

No I don’t understand why mission is to be flat broken and Im sick of it. I really am sick of this. Its pathetic its pretend and it annoys me.

I suggest not being italian? Perhaps the itallians would.

How many millions of people did hitler kill again.

What is god?

Why is this so stupid.

What is a bionic eye.

What is biometrics.

What exists, What doesn’t.

I would never pretend to be something I am not but unfortunately you wanted a real one two nights again.

Hey I had a few months on my hands.

Why is everyone so ignorant when you talk about something very possible its not like I am smoking drugs here.