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They couldn't handle it how do you love?

Ultimately when there is some universal competition with people across the world in order to compete you need to first know your competing.  I am not competing with anyone first of all.  A large balance is not the measure  of a man.  Also the only people I as a man can compete with is men.  I can’t compete with a woman, I am a man.  When women want to compete with men and they do at times this can become a foolish game.  Men are not better than women but a man rarely ever wants to compete with women however vica versa happens quite frequently.

Ultimately woman want to become popular.  Women want to be worshiped.  Woman want men to tell them how beautiful they are, how they are the only one for them and this can be made even more effective.  Lies hide or mask the truth of our real nature.  Do I love simply out of spite?  Do I love simply because I need a companion?  Do you love something so different than you this was inevitable?  Do you want to believe in a love so powerful that only brilliance and ignorance will go head to head forever in eternity.

We call these faiths banks.  Groups of men and women that both secretly and publicly compare their faith to another division of this silly game.  Do not try and make my light.  This could kill me. Yet for some reason humanity still favors the weak, unintelligent, violent, large, and painfully inaccurate.  The meek shall inherit the earth.  But the irony is I have to blow it up first and the smartest man on the planet.  You’re going to need to get up earlier.

Your in love with it and protecting her foolish lie aren’t you.