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Mountains out of molehills

The bible is not teaching what needs to be taught to better a people.  It seems to be used in a ignorant defilement of what is truthful at times.  Perhaps this is echoed on the pages at ” The house of snakes “.  A branding issue might be needed on this one.  Branding a person can be used to defile a person’s attempt to make good on the imagination of a hurtful people.  You are but a man you are but a woman and the make good on this better be 10 fold.

Canada Post promises a lot of things when they are sure they are right about 128th in Surrey, BC but they are making mountains from molehills.   I know the building.  Timing has much to do with this event.  Hurtful woman in hurtful woman out.  Hurtful man in hurtful man out.  We judge people all the time when they judge us or worst case scenario hates like a virus.

I feel sick today.  Touching something sick is perhaps the last straw of a dying man a enlighten man or a desperate man surrounded by ignorance.  Either way when women hurt you with their lives this bad you have to wonder if your true path is the problem.  Anything to humiliate a man.  I will never lose my life.  I am eternal saith the lord my book is that of a man’s not of God.  Hey see what you want you buddy and gals just leave me the hell out of it.  You’ll Never take the mole hill.