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Fancy Bear hackers target Microsoft servers

fancy bear hackersFancy Bear seems to have some kind of vendetta against Microsoft.  It’s making the news burning up the web.  Microsoft seems to be going after Fancy Bear Hackers legally somehow.  One thing I don’t really understand is if this hacking team is anonymous how do they get them to go to court?  In order to sue someone don’t you have to know who they are?  How is Microsoft getting this information?  Is it even legal how the information is attained?  I think if I was to remain anonymous online I would have to rethink my PTR records of my personal ip perhaps making it less obvious its me.  Of course starting the publishing process now with Xlibris on my books I’m bound to get more eyeballs.  I never really understood the idea of “Hacking Teams”.  I was once a victim AOL hackers having my personal email hacked as well as a personal website.  Getting hacked by anyone is no picnic in the woods.  I wonder what Fancy Bear’s hacking agenda really is?  What is the point of hackers targeting microsoft?  Maybe its the only way to get a job?

What is the average age of these hackers too?  What if all Fancy Bear hackers are like 15 years old?  I bet Microsoft would look pretty foolish then.  Perhaps hacking has just become a child’s game.  I can’t see any business professionals being hackers.  And where do you go from there.  Perhaps Fancy Bear hackers are promised a high ranking position at the Kremlin.  I don’t know how long the picture will be up on the Kremlin’s website but it sure does look like a picture from inside Yahoo! headquarters.  Check out all the friendly purple bubbles.  I wonder if Fancy Bear does any credit card hacking to fund its people?  Of course all these activities are illegal so what is the point of being a part of something that’s so short sighted.  What is the point of getting away with obtaining information from servers anyway?  Its true the Russian Government has been caught selling information before but is Fancy Bear really this caliber of hacker?

I guess from what I understand Fancy Bear is registering Microsoft sounding properties online for use in its malware attacks.  Microsoft has its eye on seizing 9000 domain names from Fancy Bear.  It would seem so far Fancy Bears claim to fame is the DNC hack from last year.