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Kickasstorrents website offline after domain seizure

The popular torrent sharing and torrent search engine kickasstorrents website goes offline after being seized.  Its been about two days since the most popular torrent sharing website has gone dark.  If you looking for popular torrents you will have to look elsewhere but with popular torrent search engines they seem  to spring back up again.  It didn’t take me too long to find out this copyKAT excuse the pun or imposter running.  KICKASSTORRENT SEARCH ENGINE CLONE seems to be just one of many that have sprung up posing or copying a re-branding of the torrent sharing website.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of torrent sharing services yet there will always be people that find a way to use it for copy write violation.  The pirate bay fell down not long ago as well but seems to have resurfaced right after they have gone offline.  It would appear that a itunes purchase seems to of tipped off the authorities to the bank account used to launder the proceeds from advertising on the website.  As well a undercover advertiser seems to have been used to pose to purchase traffic as well from the popular search engine.  The Kickasstorrent website is still offline yet dozens of clones seem to keep appearing like most websites that go down after this type of seizure. and are both offline.

The kickasstorrent search engine was said to be the most popular torrent sharing service on the web.  I am not a lawyer yet I don’t myself understand the law on this since they are essentially just links to files hosted in other locations.  As well users are responsible for the uploading of the torrent files which don’t contain the file itself so due to its decentralized nature I can imagine the difficulty in this case.  While most definitely the website facilitated the redistribution of copy written information it didn’t host the material itself.  It will be interesting how this plays out and will have to keep a eye on this in the news.