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We all love big dumb millionaires

It makes me feel so good seeing all these farmers and upper echelon of the elite and how they made their millions.  Surprisingly enough not from some enormous check from years back through THE GROUP.  I can’t say I work for the government and seen some things that will blow your mind but I can say I don’t work and get ROYALTIES GROUP.  There is no magic bullet for success.  A prince or princess isn’t going to drop out of the sky and hand you keys to her safe downtown.  Or back window to  her tree fort.  I don’t know I make stuff up when Im bored.  I’m a pompous

arrogant man that selfishly hoards his money and likes to belittle people with wealth.  Ok so I had two.  Anyway.  You’re just a bunch of dumb lunk heads you don’t know what it’s like to run a transatlantic cable you don’t have the guts.  The guts.  That’s all you got.  I got so much mouth even mouths are telling my mouths I’m too mouthy.  What does that even mean?