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Taylor Swift promoting the elections by blowing nose on stage? Video

taylor swiftAuckland New Zealand had a bit of a crisis during a concert with Taylor Swift where she had to pause the show in order to blow her nose and drop the tissue for the audience.  Perhaps people thought that was funny some how or it was done as a practical joke but search is heating up over this.  I guess everyone is searching for this I don’t know why or how but they are.  Maybe this is another one of the buzz or hyped up pretend web traffic situations where thousands of amazon ip address’s pretend to be other ip address’s all over the world and fake some web traffic.  I think a large portion of these popular website must just have a large about of bots or bot nets that fake traffic to them.  Either way I think its something that is just done to make some naive people think they are way more popular than they are.  I am certain at some level these people really know what they are getting is just fake.

I guess this is really popular perhaps this post will revive the website.  Recently she is working on some kind of endorsement but I am not sure what for.  Hey you guys tell me what this has to do with crypto currency mining.  Perhaps I’m just not very good at putting this stuff together.  Maybe this is just another stamp of approval for the election favorite of hers.  Bredesen, Tennessee’s Democratic candidate for Senate apparently is among Taylor’s favorites.