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Kevin Katovic

Kevin Katovic – I have a strong suspicion this might be uncommon.  Well I enjoy watching situations unfold and again I try to make the best out of strange situations.  No one wants to waste there time I guess and sometimes you feel just that way.  You might feel your wasting your time talking to a brick wall sometimes.  You might feel your wasting your time trying to make sense of a situation that just refuses to go away.  People are interesting, annoying, unique, rude,  scared, and in some cases whats the word (stuck up).  No one wants to waste there money and time and not get the most out of a situation if that’s the case.  This can lead to all kinds of awkward social environments but one thing that really annoys me is no effort and timidness.

Why don’t people share what they are feeling and talk more in some cases the situation looks very artificial.  I know I shouldn’t talk about it again but you know I am talking about the Bar Atmosphere.  Example. a person or persons go to the bar for a variety of reasons but to me just drinking and sitting staring doesn’t seem to be enough.  It might even annoy me at some level I guess when many people make no effort to talk to anyone but all seem to gather in a anti-social environment.  Why does this happen?  There are many reasons people might not want to talk to anyone and I guess that’s fine but why not drink alone at home.  To me it just makes no sense drinking alone spending premium dollar at a bar.  Why not just drink alone at home then probably have just as much or more fun.  But I got to figure this out.  What about splitting it up into sexes where people are literately segregated at enormous tables awkwardly not talking to each other.  I like to have fun when I go out but not at others expenses however.  I even like to buy people drinks to cheer them up at times and talk to people lots and go table to table too.  I guess I might be aggravating to people that are scared to socially at these things.  I believe I might go overboard at times.  I guess its just the way I am the more refrained and protected people are the more I want to understand why.  I get a kick out of social media too recently I have even had people pretend to be celebrities to talk to me on my phone and I think that’s hilarious.

I have tried other ways that are just as effective but one things the most annoying I suppose is that no one approaches me as much as I approach them.  Perhaps that’s the hidden frustration of mine.  Sitting and staring seems to be just as effective by the end of the night as talking.  You don’t know a wise man from a idiot until that open there mouth in most cases.  I just get the niceties out of the way fast I suppose.  I am there to have fun but I just don’t understand these people that sit in segregated large tables of men and woman why are they there?  I can understand dates and such but nothing is balanced at times and everyone severely guarded.  Sometimes I wonder if these people are just payed to make a place look busy at times.